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Computer Repair

Got too many Virus's?
We can troubleshoot almost any problem!

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Tired of your PC being slow? We can upgrade your PC to your satisfaction!

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Custom PC's

Ready for your NEW Custom Gamin PC of your very own?
We M0D with 100% Quality!

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Repair Services

A Service Application will be required for all customers to fill out. (We will provide if necessary).
Please download the new 2017 TC Computer-Tech Service Application and input your information so we can assist your further in business. You may print, sign, and submit in person, or scan and send, or email compleated and electronically signed.

We offer the lowest priced repairs you will find, Guaranteed!

If you just can't pay GeekSquad over $150.00 to check your computer and see why it's going slow, we have your back! In most circumstances we would only charge half the price of GeekSquad or less!
We offer about every service GeekSquad or most any computer company does, at a better price.
You may also fix your PC by going to our Downloads page, and getting the best programs to solve comon problems such as tuneup's and virus removal.

Need Screen Repairs?

Screen Repairs are usually costly, aggravating, and a difficult repair to do. For us, it takes about 5-20 minutes to replace, that is, if you have already ordered the replacement. If not, no problem we will do it for you!

Have You Experienced The "Blue Screen of Death"?

Usually, The "Blue Screen of Death" is summoned by a hardware failure, Removable device hardware, or software error, and sometimes from failed OverClocks.

PC Won't Boot?

Take a deep breath and try to relax. There's a 100% chance we can figure out exactly why your computer won't start and then get it back up and running.


If you are still learning about Computers and need assistance in repairing your PC, or just have a question, we got your back! We always have an answer for you even if it's not what you wanted to hear, "ex. Graphics Card is Burned Out", but accurate.

Want to go Liquid Cooling?

More intensive hardware can't be cooled sufficiently enough to overclock or operate at 100%. Most high dollar hardware like i7 CPU's, and Extreme Gamers with GTX200 Series+ can be looking at a difficult time gaming or doing task by task. With Liquid Cooling you can get more for your buck out of your hardware. We can set you up better than anywhere else!

The Oven Trick?

We do not offer Monitor, Solder, Motherboard, GPU, or Power Supply repairs. Most hardware is recommended to buy NEW rather than fix. In some cases for motherboards you can put in the oven for 8 minutes exactly at 385F. Graphics Cards can be put in the oven for 7 minutes at 275F for temporary fixes. This method is not guaranteed, and use at your own risk. 1/5 chance this actually works!

We also offer tech support over the phone.
You may download the TC Computer-Tech Official Repair Guide to help fix your PC.

You can submit your service application to our email: support@tccomputertech.com
If you have any issues please contact us for us further to assist you.


Service Options

We Offer Many Services at the Best Price.
  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
  • Complete Program Installs
  • Virus Removal
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Software Upgrades
  • Full OS Installs & Backup
  • Business/Home Network Setup
  • IT Systems Maintenance
  • Custom PC Builds
  • Event Sponsorship

Anything you need when it comes to Technology we can help!

Spare Parts

Usually we have most parts in stock essential to PC Repairs or Operation.

If we do not have the part you need we can also order you the part(s) needed with a receipt and warranty's. You let us know the part you need and we will find the best prices for you!

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